Allison's Indiecade East Top 5!

Hello everyone,  Allison here! This is my top 5 list from IndieCade East.  Expect other lists to be popping up over the next week from the rest of the dev team : )
So, in no particular order:

Finally playing Squinky’s Coffee: A Misunderstanding
So one of the things I like most in the world is awkwardness. Not so much participating in it, but the interesting potential of awkward games.  The minute I knew I was going to meet Squinky I looked into their games. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to play since then! Queerness, awkwardness and geekiness is my trifecta.  Making Zach say embarrassing things was just a bonus…

Leigh Alexander’s moderating
This one is sweet and to the point: Leigh Alexander’s moderating was one of the wittiest and most intelligent I have ever seen.

Finding that guy whose name I can’t remember (sorry) who was really good at Morse code
Zach and I don’t always communicate well with each other, so we felt like champs when we mastered Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Then we realized that we had only done it on the easiest of easy settings. Going further I learnt our greatest flaw: neither of us had the ability to distinguish blinking dots from blinking dashes.  Luckily, I got to play with a complete stranger later in the weekend. And guess what guys? As long as the person I’m directing can read Morse code, I’M A BOMB DIFUSING CHAMP! (…sorry Zach)

Silently miming orgasms as strangers walked by
Fellow Tweed Couch member Jess and I decided to play the ‘translator malfunction’ variant of Naomi Clark’s Consentacle. The time spent trying to silently communicate ‘release’ or  ‘envelope’ while strangers passed by, unsure what to think of us, was priceless.

Clara Fernandez-Vara's closing words
I’m going to start by saying I don’t often cry for reasons that matter. I cry for stupid reasons all the time. When I’m tired and get the wrong salad dressing. Or while watching movies. I bawled through most Pixar movies.  Like… way more than most people.  With serious issues I have trouble with tears. But when Clara spoke it took all I had to not cry the way I did that one time the Wendy’s lady gave me raspberry vinaigrette instead of ranch.  Her words were important words that we should all hear. Words that I couldn’t do justice to, so I’ll just say this: make space for girls. Create space for them to play.  We need those spaces.